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Where to Find Reliable Window Repairs in Dublin?

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Recent research by the Home Office has found that ninety percent of home intrusions are opportunistic in nature. According to them, a building that has been burgled once – stands four times more chances to be broken into all over again. More than twenty percent of the premises belonging to commercial establishments are targeted by burglars every year in Ireland.

It is no surprise though, that detached properties are at a higher risk than those in better populated areas. The seclusion factor works in favour of the intruders, who prefer to work those premises that are at the end of a street, or next to alleys, parks, or waste yards. These spaces provide the criminals easy access, and prevent the closest neighbours from taking much notice. Although property owners might think otherwise, boundary walls, pickets, fences or bushes in or around the premises actually enhance the camouflage for burglars, instead of keeping them out.

When a break-in does happen, apart from the loss of goods and valuables, it leaves a trail of damage on the property. Most of this damage is taken by entry or exit points, ventilations, and other small openings in the building. Whatever is the case, it is the property owner who has to ultimately bear the brunt of it all, although insurance can take care of a part of the losses. At this point, what a home or office owner needs is a reliable locksmith service that can provide cost effective and long lasting window repairs and related services.

Professional locksmiths provide comprehensive window repairs that include cleaning up of broken glass, installing new panes – and new frames if needed, fixing any cracks or breaks etc., and are available round the clock to attend to any mishaps. The best companies also fix leaking roofs, vents, and door and window locks.

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Burglary Treats in Ireland

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In recent times the most common treats to home and business are can be burglary. Throughout the country crime and burglary is on the increase. This can be as a direct effect due to the rescission.

Most burglaries occur when we are out of the home however this can leave a home or business owner feeling vulnerable and violated.  Avoiding becoming one of the statistics you must first gain some knowledge on why the crime was committed and by whom.

Most crimes are based around the day time when n the intruder believes there is no one at home. Most modern families need t o have both parents working to survive. Statistics would believe that most crimes are committed by young males raging between the ages of 18-25 looking for items that are small and converted to cash quit easily. Expensive items like jewellery would be top of the list due to high prices paid for gold in the market place. Some of the most variable items would be watches, chains, bracelets, laptops, game boys, Xboxes to name but a few. Generally fast selling items are needed to gain cash quickly for possible feeding of a drug habits.

Most burglars would tend to prefer entering though an open door or window however failing that they will use force to gain entry.Tools used tend to be screw drivers, vice grips, pliers or small sharp instruments.  Most burglars with know a particular home or estate preferred.

It is important that you must put in place some deterrents to help prevent your home or business being next.

Window and door locks.

Make the front and rear doors more secure as if it appears difficult they will simply bypass your home to find a less difficult one.  Avoid keeping keys under the mat or plant pot; avoid keeping spear keys in the car as the burglar tends to know all the tricks. Fit 5 lever mortice locks (dead bolts) to all doors where possible. Have a solid wooden door or metal door; use a high quality dead bolt, use additional security on all rear doors. A pipe hole can be a good idea on a front door allowing you to see who might be at the door before answering. The weakest point of a door tends to be the receiver for the lock so be sure to have a good quality one fitted.  Patio sliding doors tend to be venerable so extra security is a must. Some patio sliding doors can simply be lifted off their rails so fitting an anti lift device can resolve that issue. The cylinders on most patio doors tend to stick out too far allowing a tool is gripping it and snap it off. To avoid this you can use an anti snap cylinder so simply fit a smaller baby cylinder which will be flush with the door itself. Don’t be afraid to use decals stating alarm system in operation or guard dog as burglars don’t like either.

A window left open is an open opportunity to an intruder as it is an easy form of access. Even an upper window can be attractive to the burglar if there is any form of access via a roof or ladder lying around. Use secondary locking devices or additional security. There are products available on the market which will allow you to have a window slightly open without allowing it open fully.

Neighbours can be a good form of security. They can be visual on when they see a burglar simply on the lookout. Get to know your neighbours even if it too only watches your house when you are away, you too can return the favour when they are away. Neighbours can pick up newspapers, milk etc not allowing your property to look like there is no one there.  Leaving a key with them will avoid you having to leave the key under the mat or under a plant pot in which the burglar will check.

Correct Lighting

Lighting can also be a good deterrent as a well lit home or business can be the difference between you being the target or not. A burglar does not want to be seen or identified which a light will do. Use timers they will allow you to set times when a light comes on or not. 

Intruder Alarms

Alarms play an important part in burglar prevention as if an intruder attempts to enter a property the alarm will activate causing a loud siren to go off also causing a distraction to other local homes, the intruder know this and will often get away as quickly as possible. If the alarm is contact to an alarm monitoring station it will notify the occupants and the Police.  

Alarms can be a very effective deterrent when maintained and used correctly. It would be beneficial to notify your neighbours on the use of your alarm system as during a false alarm and you not being available they can resolve the issue.


Safes have now become very affordable. You can buy a good security safe for a small amount. However it is important to buy from a reputable dealer who can advise on one to suit you. There are many things to bear in mind, the amount cash to intend to put into it, the value of jewellery, weather you require it to be fire proof or not, key verses digital keypad, wear it’s going to be fitted.

The last one is probably the most important as most people simply don’t have them fitted correctly and the intruder can simply pick it up and walk away with it. You must secure it to a concrete wall or floor with the correct bolts to. When you choose a safe be sure to get into a regular habit of using it all the time. provide locksmiths in Dublin and window repairs throughout Ireland

Church service for locksmiths

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Locksmiths got called to a locksmith job in Dublin eight, we arrived about 20 minutes later it was a church in which required locksmith services, the locksmith was asked to remove his shoes and wear a turban on his head to respect the church while he was working in the church, The Locksmith engineer was more than happy to abide by the requests and took
pride in the lock repair job that he was doing while surrounded by the church goers,  some of the church goers were taking pictures of him
in the turban and following him around as they thought it was amusing.The head of the church thanked the locksmith for obliging with the rules and regulations of there church and thanked the locksmith engineer for a job well done and all was well.
The eggineer thanked the head of the church for being so hostpitible and churchgoers and would be happy to oblidge in the future.The locksmith removed his turban/ headgear and hannded it back. It was a plesure to facilatate and oblidge there religion.

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