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Where to Find Reliable Window Repairs in Dublin?

November 19th, 2012 admin No comments

Recent research by the Home Office has found that ninety percent of home intrusions are opportunistic in nature. According to them, a building that has been burgled once – stands four times more chances to be broken into all over again. More than twenty percent of the premises belonging to commercial establishments are targeted by burglars every year in Ireland.

It is no surprise though, that detached properties are at a higher risk than those in better populated areas. The seclusion factor works in favour of the intruders, who prefer to work those premises that are at the end of a street, or next to alleys, parks, or waste yards. These spaces provide the criminals easy access, and prevent the closest neighbours from taking much notice. Although property owners might think otherwise, boundary walls, pickets, fences or bushes in or around the premises actually enhance the camouflage for burglars, instead of keeping them out.

When a break-in does happen, apart from the loss of goods and valuables, it leaves a trail of damage on the property. Most of this damage is taken by entry or exit points, ventilations, and other small openings in the building. Whatever is the case, it is the property owner who has to ultimately bear the brunt of it all, although insurance can take care of a part of the losses. At this point, what a home or office owner needs is a reliable locksmith service that can provide cost effective and long lasting window repairs and related services.

Professional locksmiths provide comprehensive window repairs that include cleaning up of broken glass, installing new panes – and new frames if needed, fixing any cracks or breaks etc., and are available round the clock to attend to any mishaps. The best companies also fix leaking roofs, vents, and door and window locks.

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7 Reasons why Glass can break

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A regular question that a customer will ask is why a window will crack or all of a sudden shatter. This can happen for many reasons and listed below are 7 of the most popular reasons that we have come accross

1/ General accident caused by something making impact with the glass causing it to smash, shatter or crack.

2/ Poor installation. This can cause the glass to crack over time.

3/ Hairline crack. This can be caused from when the glass was being cut and would be too fine for the glazier to see or during installation or while in transit.

4/ The size of the glass is simply too tight within its frame causing it to crack.

5/ There can simply be too much heat within a room. Example would be a sun room. Glass will expand and contract.

6/ Hot water pored onto cold glass will crack glass.

7/ The thickness of the glass is not suitable for the installation in which it was intended for.

Window offer replacement glass in Dublin and throughout Ireland for shops, schools and domestic homes.

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6 reasons to choose energy efficient glass

November 9th, 2010 admin 5 comments
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Improved comfort in the home- Lesser cold spots
  • Improved condensation- visible effects
  • Low rating windows are cost effective in the long run
  • Reduced heating bills
  • Environmentally friendly glass saves energy

Energy efficient glass has being available for many years now. However it is now one of the important factors in the home. Incorrect windows can have a dramatic effect on your heating bills. Heat can go out through the frame and into the wall cavity. Manufacturers tend to now put a low E coating on the cavity that faces the surface in order to help reduce the law that mat Accor.

Energy saving glass will be coated with a thin sliver based product and semi-conducting coating of tin oxide. These products are manufactured by many companies

There is also a new system in which has also been developed which is for around the windows it is thermal insulation.

There is an alternative to energy efficient glass which would be to put in triple glazing. Triple glazing offers Energy Saving Glass for your windows.

A customer decided to buy a new window system for there home at a 10% lesser price for a standard window system compared to the low-E rage of windows from a well know manufacture, the manufacture had a good reputation for quality and did recommend the low-E window system.

In the first year of living in the home they noticed that the windows seamed cold. It was then he decided to compare the low-E window system to the standard system.

After calculating the cost it was estimated that the extra cost at the start would pay for it self within 3-4 years however the home would have being more comfortable for many more years.

It is clear that energy loss should be considered when choosing a window system. Energy performance should top the list.

An average home can loose up to 30% of its heat through its windows. Energy efficient windows are designed to save money each and every day not to mention that the comfort you will experience within your home.

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